Frequently asked questions

In what areas do you guys operate?

We Operate in Entire Bangalore. We have our service center in Banaswadi, but we pickup and deliver anywhere in Bangalore.

How Long will it take to get my device repaired?

If it is a simple issue like screen damage, charging issue etc., we try to deliver it on the same day. If it is a water damage issue, it takes approximately 2 to 3 days. If it is a serious motherboard issue it might take around a week.

Will there be a warranty on the repair?

Warranty will be based on the nature of repair and also based on the spare part used. We will communicate warranty information to you based on case to case basis.

Will i get a backup Phone?

We would provide backup phone provided, it is available with us at the time of booking. It is always based on first come first serve.

How Should I contact if you have queries?

You can contact us via call or whatsapp on 7760365525 or call on 08040931300 or email us on

What is the quality of spares used?

We use high quality spares which will be generally of AAA Grade. We make sure we used the best quality spares available.

What are the terms and conditions of warranty?

Terms and Conditions for Warranty:

1) The Warranty Period will be as mentioned in the Invoice from the date of the Invoice.
2) The warranty will not be Provided against physical damage (Even if there is a crack on the LCD)
3) Warranty does not apply for any water Damaged Phones/Devices.
4) Getting this bill in hard copy is Mandatory to claim warranty during the tenure of warranty
5) Warranty will not be valid without the Bill.
6) Warranty will only be applicable to the part for which, we have done the service or replaced and warranty does not cover any other parts.
7) warranty Claims will not be entertained in case of any physical damage to the device or to the part either direct or indirect.
8) No pickup and delivery will be provided for issues under warranty, the customer has to visit our store along with the bill and the device.
9) There shall no warranty against any tampering after our service or in case of any self-repairs.
10) No new damages will be covered unrelated to the original repair
11) Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair. Customers are advised to take a backup before handing over the device to us.
12) Existence of damage known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair.
13) Existence of damage to the device frame, as noted prior to the repair.

Glass replacement terms :

Glass replacement is a risky process. There are chances of the display getting damaged in the process of replacement. In that case, Gadset replaces the display with a different part that is available with our regular suppliers. The part replaced will not be the original one but a compatible one.

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