It has become next to impossible to leave the house without our mobile phones and laptops. Whatsoever be the reason, we need these gadgets next to us, be it calling a cab, or asking for directions to the destination, we have become hugely dependent on gadgets for almost everything.

But there is an even bigger problem! How do you protect your device when you are out in the rain and it is dripping wet all around? Well, carrying a rain cover does not always work and it is  never a good feeling if your gadgets get soaked in the water especially if it is a macbook as there are very few macbook repair in Bangalore. Therefore, we have come up with some amazing ideas for you to protect your gadgets from the monsoon season. 

Follow these steps and stay connected with your loved ones even in the rains. Find out how:

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Keep that gadget inside at all times

We do not need a reason to take our laptops or mobile phone out of the bag. But if it is raining, we must keep our gadgets inside at all times. Make sure to never take your phones out until and unless it becomes really important to do so. Try blow drying them in case they get wet but remember to take the batteries out as soon as possible as the preliminary step as it might harm the device.

Rice – the problem solver

All of us know how good rice tastes, but have you ever tried putting your gadget into one after it has gotten wet! Rice has exceptional absorption properties and can soak in moisture very fast. That is why, it is recommended to keep your device in enough rice for at least a day in order for it to absorb the moisture completely. This works great in most cases. If your laptop still does not power up, take it to the nearest macbook repair in Bangalore. 

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Stay away from that charger for a while

Water and electricity is one of the deadliest combinations ever. Never put your device on charging if it has become wet or has not fully dried yet. Doing so might result in a spark or the gadget short-circuiting.

We have had bountiful rains this year and therefore, our devices need utmost attention for safe-keeping. Make sure to follow these points in order to guard your gadgets from water and enjoy the rains this season. Bring your device to the nearest Gadset service center and get it repaired today. For more information about preventive steps and actions, visit our website and know more.

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