Steps Involved In Glass Replacement Process

Receiving your Device

Once receive your device, We diagnose the display of your device completely and notify you with Glass Replacement confirmation.

Broken Glass Removal

Then we will remove the broken glass from your display through a heating process using our LCD/Touch separator and a Golwire,

Glue Removal

Once the broken glass is removed from your display, we will use a Glue Removing Liquid to remove the glue and clean your Display.

Fixing the New Glass

Once the Glue Removal is done, We will fix the new the brand new Glass to your original Display.

Laminate the Glass with Display

Then we will laminate the new glass to the display by applying pressure from our imported lamination Machine

Bubble Removal

Once the lamination process is complete, We will use our Bubble Remover machine to remove bubble in between the display and the Display Glass

Fixing the Display to the Device

Once all the other above mentioned process are complete, we will fix the display to the device back.

Exit Inspection

We diagnose you device again and to check all the features are working properly and if the issue has been resolved

Deliver it Back

In this Final step, we will hand over the fixed device back to you.

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Glass Lamination and Mobile Drier

These machines help us to replace glass and to seperate frame from the phone.


This is a freezer used to separate edge glasses.

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