A Laptop is an essential device for day to day work for IT employees, management officials, and students as well. A laptop is such a dense device that issues in any part of the device can cause the whole laptop to not work. These parts include a hard drive, ram, processor, fan, mouse track-pad, screen and etc. But the laptops are made in such a way that these parts can be repaired or replaced easily so that the work should not suffer.

The case is similar with a broken screen, you can replace it with a new screen so that you can watch what you are doing. But replacing the screen is not the only option you can choose but it is the best option to choose. Other options to deal with a broken screen on your laptop are listed below.

Alternatives for a Broken Screen:

VGA Cable and Monitor:

While your screen is broken and you cannot see what you are commanding then you may connect your laptop to a monitor screen using a VGA cable. There is always a VGA Port in the laptop which allows you to connect your laptop to monitor. In case your laptop doesn’t have a VGA Port, you can use a USB to VGA OTG cable. Then you can easily connect your laptop to a monitor.

HDMI Cable and TV:

In the present era of latest technologies, every TV, LCD or LED, comes with an HDMI connection port and all laptops have the HDMI Port too. So using an HDMI Cable you can connect your TV screen to Laptop and make it work as a monitor. Thus your TV and laptop will combined make a Computer System, and you will be able to operate it. This is very easy to do, you have to just connect the HDMI cable to both your laptop and TV. and then choose “HDMI” as the source.

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Connect Your laptop screen to your mobile:

There are some mobile and laptop applications that allow you to mirror your laptop display on your smartphone’s screen. But remember they only work with a certain kind of devices which meet their requirements (hardware and software).

Above mentioned methods are temporary. You can not use them for a long time if you have to move out of the town with your laptop. The third method can not be used by everyone else because the software runs on specific devices. The best thing to do is to get your screen replaced with a new one.

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