The Laptop screens are quite reliable and are the most useful part of a laptop computing system. If they are damaged, no work can be done on the laptop. Some of these laptop screen issues are simple and can be solved easily while some are permanent like a cracked or broken screen, which is needed to be replaced. The simple laptop screen issues cover rainbow lines, dots, partially working screen, discolouration, and etc. you can use the following tips and tricks to solve these issues.

Tips to solve simple laptop Screen Issues:

Check whether it is the screen or the laptop:

First of all, check whether the issue is with your screen or your laptop if the screen is blank and showing nothing to you or showing partial display. To check this, you can connect your laptop to a monitor via a VGA cable. If the monitor is also not showing anything then you need a laptop troubleshoot and repair service. But if it does show the screen then troubleshoot the screen problems now.

Graphics Card Problem:

To troubleshoot any laptop screen issue you should keep your laptop connected to an external monitor. If there are vertical or horizontal coloured lines on the laptop screen, or discolouration, or oddities, or artefacts and etc. And if these lines and issues are also visible on the external monitor, then this is for sure due to a fault in the video cards and GPU (graphics processing Unit). This issue arises due to the overheating of the laptop and can be resolved by replacing the VC and GPU hardware.

Video or Graphics Display Driver Issue:

Sometimes, using a heavy software or software from untrusted sources can corrupt the graphics display driver software which can lead to laptop screen issues. This could be one more reason for above-mentioned graphics problems. Here you can update or install a new or latest version of video driver or graphics driver.

Loose Video Cable Issue:

The laptops are used by humans only and where there are humans, mistakes are made. Thus, sometimes, due to carelessness and mistakenly laptop slips out of our hands or tables and hit the floor. This can make the video cable loose that connects the motherboard to the screen in the laptop. This can also occur due to moisture and daily use. Here you need to only open the screen and tighten the loosed cables. This will resolve the issue permanently.

Cracked Screen or Water Damaged Screen:

The cracked screen or water damaged screen issues are not resolvable. They cannot be repaired but can only be replaced.

Online Assistance:

If the above tips do not resolve your screen issues or you cannot troubleshoot the issues then you can get online laptop repair in Bangalore service from Gadset. We will assist you to troubleshoot the simple screen problems and easy solutions over the call. If the problems are still not resolved then you may visit us with your laptop and we will repair your screen.


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