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Gadset is a Multi-brand Service center located in Banaswadi, Bangalore specialized in repairing iPad, Macbook, Laptop and Mobile. We are a small startup specialized in Mobile screen repair and water damage repair focused more on quality than quantity.

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#970, 5th b cross, 1st main, 1st block, kormangala, Bangalore 560034

+91 7760365525


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Samsung mobile screen repair in Bangalore

Have you ended up with a broken screen on your beloved Samsung phone on account of an unfortunate accident? Don’t be downhearted because we have more than just one great solution to that problem. Gadget Set brings to you an array of phone repair solutions that are targeted to troubleshoot the most ordinary to the most brain-numbing problems of your phone. 

As a phone repair store, we target phones of all models and makes. Samsung phones have been one of our key areas of focus since the first day. With Samsung phones selling like hotcakes, today nearly everyone with a smartphone in Bangalore has used a Samsung phone at some point. It is this wide ownership of these phones that encouraged us to have specialized Samsung mobile screen repair services for them.

Today, we specialize in the repair and replacement of all Samsung phone parts, but more and more we receive orders for broken and damaged screens. 

Preliminary Diagnosis 

As you send your phone to us, we run a quick diagnostics to find out what other problems exist in the phone. Sometimes, there is more than what meets the eye. If our scan shows any particular problem that demands attention, we let our clients know about it to enquire if they’d like us to take care of it for them. 

Since a phone ends up with more than just a broken screen after a big fall, we do this to ensure that everything on the inside is intact and that the user will not face any more problems with the phone in the future. 

Our diagnostics are obligation-free. We make all phones go through it as a preemptive way of finding out underlying problems in the phone. We do not charge anything extra for this. So, you are welcome to enquire about the reports in case you are curious about what else is wrong with your phone besides a broken screen.

Samsung Mobile Screen Replacement

Gadset has a very interactive site where you will find all the necessary information regarding our repair and replacement solutions. You are welcome to browse through all information presented on our site to learn what we do and how we do it 

With a broken screen, one can go one of two ways, repair or replace. We follow the same paths with a guarantee of satisfactory results. For small cracks and chips resulting from bumping the phone against a hard surface or knocking it off short heights, we try repair work first. If that works out, your phone is back to its former usable shape in just no time.

Should the damage be more extensive or of a serious kind, we go for a Samsung mobile screen replacement as that is the safest bet. That results in a full reversal of all display problems.

To avail of Samsung screen repair or smartphone screen replacement for any phone, just give us a call and book an appointment with us today.

Book today to avail doorstep service

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How It Works


You can book your service via the booking form in our website or you can call us directly @7760365525. You can visit our store as well.

phone glass screen repair


In case of a doorstep pickup service, one of our executives will get in touch with you for confirmation & pick up your device at your doorstep.

phone glass screen repair


Once we receive your device at our lab, we will Inspect each and every aspect of the device & try to find out what problems are there in your device.

phone glass screen repair


We will call & confirm the delivery time & location with you & we will deliver the device to you. After this, you will get a delivery confirmation in mail.

phone glass screen repair
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