We are often searching for mobile repair shops all over the place and still end up going to the wrong shop. The main problem is not even that, we come to know this bitter truth only after we have actually received our mobile which is yet in a bad shape. But have you ever tried solving these small issues of your phone by yourself!

This is why we have come up with some innovative ways and tips to remember which might help you to brush off all your mobile woes and spend that extra buck on the things you love. There are several mobile repair training center in Bangalore that does this. Have a look and don’t go looking for mobile repair shops all over the city:

Common yet effective – Rice trick

We have all heard about putting our phones into the rice. The trick is actually with the magical properties of rice. Rice absorbs moisture really well and this is why even restaurants keep salt and pepper shakers filled with rice. If your phone has become victim to water falling on it, or any liquid spillage, you must put it in a container of rice and let it remain there for at least 12 hours. Although, when you take your phone out do not forget the fact that the minerals are still actively working to corrode the insides of your phone so it is better to keep a backup just in case.

Beware of charging

This is one of the most ignored causes of mobile phones stopping to work. If your mobile phone has had severe shocks due to falling down or rubbing against a rough surface, you might want to check for any bodily damages, if any. In case of your mobile having an exposed surface that may be prone to electrical shocks while using, we would advise not plugging it in for a charge or else it could cause physical harm. 

Take a second opinion

Well, who doesn’t like to take a second opinion! You got to be sure about the device after all phones are not just some gadgets we use daily but a part of our expenditure of hard-earned money. After you’ve applied the above-mentioned tactics to use, you might want to take your cellphone to an experienced mobile repair training center in Bangalore where they can examine your phone from all perspectives and repair it if any fault persists.

It is good to know your phone better and what’s even better is the application of this small knowledge to save yourself from shelling out extra bucks. Keep these things in mind and ensure your phone lives a long life. For more information and other mobile related tips, visit Gadset.

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